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is that I love a pop record where every song sounds different, and Lady Gaga definitely delivers on that front. So what if its overproduced in some parts? The girl can belt out a tune and has songwriting chops to boot. Im putting my paws up for

, is a complete and utter circus of chaos. In ct, I wouldnt even be surprised if they actually lit their instruments on fire during the recording process. Its that boisterous. al

was the most expensive sounding album we heard all year and possibly ever?. Sampling soul legend Otis Redding as well as an actual NASA spaceship liftoff, Yeezy and Jay prove that theyve got connections in the highest of places um, like space. Not to mention that any record that name drops Larry Gagosian, Marilyn Monroe, Basquiat, Christian Louboutin, Picasso, Gucci, Margiela, Prince William, Benzs, Rolexs, and Hublots trust us, theres more where that came from automatically gets a nod from us. al

is the album everyone was wishing Drake would release when he put out

tUnEyArDs, AKA Merrill Garbus, is one heck of a Renaissance woman. Playing the drums and looping them under her unique vocals and ukulele strums is just too cool for me not to take notice of. I bought the album

was one of the best albums of the year or should I say, all

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…and, to be super cheesy, we ARE thanking him later now. Dumb jokes aside, this album is amazing and Drakes best so r. Its emotional,Playlistin Favorite louboutin battle Albums of the majority of the songs are slow, and the lyrical content is brutally honest. Ive had it on repeat since it came out and have recommended it to everyone even my mom. SJ

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best albumsbeyonceblack lips, MOREbon iverborn this waydrakefeistfleet foxesfrank oceanhelplessness bluesholoceneIndiejayzlady gagalyricsmetalsmetrolyricsnostalgiatake caretune yards

. The albums sultry singing and youthful lyrics made it one of s biggest blogosphere sensations, and rightly so. OS

online as soon as it came out, saw her in concert, and my appreciation for Merrill will most likely continue throughout and on and on and on. ~ A.H.

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is dark, dreary, and beautiful all at once. I listened exclusively to this album on a roadtrip through the mountains and it was perfect. SJ

It would suck so much to be playing the music game at the same time as Fleet Foxes. They dont stop winning. And theyre so humble and unpretentious that you cant even be mad at them.

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This year, Bon Ivers Justin Vernon brought his solo act out of the woods literally. After recording his debut album,

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Now that were officially on the last of our calendars, its time to say goodbye to with our top albums of the year. Can you believe it? Wasnt it , like, yesterday? The four of us over here in the Metrolyrics blogosphere AH, AL, OS SJ put on our thinking caps or rather, our headphones and after plenty of extensive musical research, we narrowed down our picks to the best albums from January to December. Were also posting our ve songs from the albums we picked and the reason behind selecting them. Without further ado, heres our Metrolyrics Top Ten Fave Albums of

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, alone in a remote Wisconsin cabin, Vernon went for a grander studio sound on

We want to know your top album picks for ! Do you agree with our choices? Have your say in the comments.

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This album has either been praised the greatest record of the decade or the most overproduced, robotic collection of tracks to come out in recent years. All I have to say about

All four of us can collectively agree that Beyonces

of us!. If you looked at all of oast.fmprofiles, youd probably see the album tracks scrobbled, oh, thousands of times or so. With her strongest vocals, deepest lyrics, and the most soulful backing music to date, Beyonces fourth album allowed the world to ll in love with her all over again. You run the world, Bey!

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Every Lyric From The Weeknds New EP My Dear Melancholy,

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The hellions weve come to know and love as The Black Lips have delivered again. As expected, their sixth studio album,

. The move paid off, as Vernons unique songwriting and singing voice blend perfectly with the albums lush instrumentals. OS

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You might say that was the year of RB, and leading the pack was Frank Ocean. The Odd Future member burst onto the internet in with his mixtape

Feist was one of those artists who, up until late this year, was always appearing on lists entitled When Will They Make More Music? or Artists Who Should Put Out Another Album Already! Well, the Canadian songstress heard our prayers and released a worthy followup album to The Reminder.

is both sonically and lyrically more creative than their eponymous Fleet Foxes album, while still managing to maintain the core folk sound and golden throat ahem, Robin Pecknold that wont stop growing on us anytime soon. al

Every Lyric From Cardi Bs Debut Album Invasion of Privacy

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